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The first trilingual monthly from Kerala, Bharatha Pathrika is a print movement with a progressive outlook. Bharatha Pathrika monthly, the passionate effort of a zealous team was launched in January 2010 as a trendsetter that has something for every reader configuring wide ranging, refreshing, and invigorating spectacles in three sections, devoting quality space for the contributions in three languages respectively, viz, English, Malayalam, and Hindi. In addition to the magazine, the publishing entity-the Bharatha Pathrika group owns a daily newspaper with the same title. Bharatha Pathrika is registered under the Registrar of News papers of India (RNI No. KERMAL 2010/13297... KL/TV/(N)573/07-09). This publication bears ISSN 2277-5471. The vision of Bharatha Pathrika is to serve as the mouth piece of the common man with an extraordinary power of articulation; raising their concerns and catapulting their hopes.
This is in sync with the overall feeling that writers are destiny shapers of the future and need to possess traits and attributes that have a human face. They need to be sensitive to the society and aware of the realities of life. It is also a platform to share bubbling ideas and debate matters of national and international importance.
Bharatha Pathrika is an all-round forum for self expression; of stimulating thoughts, enchanting vision, original points of view, and storming ideas. Our mission is to promote scholarship and literary capabilities with an ardent social commitment, responsibility, and purpose. The mag presents enormous avenues for talented budding writers with its doors always open. Each issue of Bharatha Pathrika brings you research papers and scholarly articles, riveting literary canvas, travelogues, analytical essays on current topics, exclusive interviews, latest book reviews, translations, and news updates. The contributions thus cover a wide spectrum encompassing environmental, economic, socio-cultural, political, legal, humanitarian, technological, and civic issues. The neo dimensions channelized to highlight the unexplored areas, topics, and subjects is yet another hallmark feature of Bharatha Pathrika.The Editorial team always maintain that ‘the aim of the arrow is as good as the fingers that release it’ and therefore strives meticulously to maintain the quality of every issue. To cap it, the penchant for excellence is indeed a strong driving force.
Bharatha Pathrika welcomes original research papers/ scholarly articles/ case studies on any subject. Literary contributions, viz, short stories, poems, novelettes, translations of popular works, and reviews of books are also accepted. Authors must furnish a declaration stating that their work is original and has not been published so far. Authors should also certify that proper citations to the previously published matter have been given. Contributors should send both the soft copy and hard copy of their works and they are requested to furnish office and residential phone numbers along with the e-mail addresses. The responsibility for the statement of facts, figures, opinions, quotations, etc, expressed in the various contributions and published in the magazine is entirely shouldered by the respective author(s). The editorial board is in no way responsible for them. Feedback and critical comments on the items published in the magazine from the readers are most welcome. Team Bharatha Pathrika wishes all Happy Reading!!!

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